O Que E Atarax

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Tequila Centenario – Reversa

Pony Malta - Superman

Jose Cuervo - Tradicional

Continental - Test Drive

YPF - Llega

Gol Trend - Urban Football

BNDS - 360˚

Rexona Eficcient


Moet Hennesy Arg – Baron B – Teatro Colon


Moet Hennesy Arg – Baron B – Teatro Colon

  • Director: Eugenio Zanetti
  • Production Company:
  • Agency: Human Full Agency
  • Executive Producer: Ariel Wulfman

Romeo Santos – Propuesta Indecente


Romeo Santos – Propuesta Indecente

  • Director: Joaquín Cambre
  • Production Company: Virgen Films
  • Agency:
  • Executive Producer:

What we do? »

In the search of alternative ways, we are a team. We choose, propose and together we achieve the objective.


We often associate with the ideas proposed by our clients in the pre-approval of the project, helping them to present them in new concepts and techniques that represent it.
The possibilities of the post are very large and this service helps to know the filmmakers applied to your idea.

Kick off
Once on the project we hold meetings with the direction team, agency and production company, to minimize any trouble the shooting.

Visual Effects Supervision on Set
During shooting Alex Iturmendi (member of The Visual Effects Society) assists the directors.

Color correction (grading)
Color grading processes led by the artist Jorge Russo, includes color scan services in ARRI Scanner  in 2k, 4k and 6k resolutions as the inclusion of digital camera materials in various formats, (Red, Phantom, Alexa, Canon). We use Davinci Resolve non linear color correction system as main platform.

Department of composition.
Art department.
3D department.
Digital retouching.

Final delivery:
HD and digital beta.
FTP delivery.

Our team:
2k 4k 6k ARRISCAN (films in 16mm and 35mm)
Da Vinci Resolve  (2 rooms)
Smoke / Flame HD
3D Stereoscopic
Motion Graphics
Workstation Nuke, After Effects

Digital Lab:
We handle and process the widest range of digital camera materials in all formats: RED ONE, Silicon Image, SI2K, Phantom, Arri Alexa, Sony Cine Alta, among others.

Machine support:
Betacam SP
FTP-Delivery Service

Che traveled to Cannes to participate in the most important advertising festival worldwide. Congratulations to all the [...]

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Che was ranked as one of the top 15 post-production houses worldwide by the prestigious “Shots” magazine. [...]

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